What does the Golden Chance to get a driver's license mean?

Golden Chance initiative by RTA allows drivers holding a driver's license from non-exempt countries to apply for the direct test to obtain a UAE Light Motor Vehicle driving license.


What is included in the Golden Chance direct test?

The golden Chance includes a knowledge test and only a one-time road test service.


Is the Golden Chance student required to take the theoretical or practical training in advance?

No, it is not required that the Golden Chance student has to take any prior “theoretical/practical” training.  The Student can optionally opt for prior practical training only if he/she wishes to for AED 210 + VAT per hour.


Does the golden Chance student need to attend theoretical training in the event of failing the knowledge test?

The student is not required to attend theoretical lectures in case he fails the knowledge test. And based on the trainee's request, retest fees will be applicable and a new test appointment will be booked.


What is the approved procedure in case the student fails the road test in the Golden Chance Service?

If the Golden Chance customer fails the road test, he will be transferred to the regular training and test requirements of the course that are convenient with his previous DL experience, with the exception of re-testing the knowledge again that he had previously passed.


In the event of a failure in the road test for the Golden Chance and the customer wishes not to continue in the same institute, does he have to pay fees?

In the event that the trainee who failed the road test at the Golden Chance Service wishes to choose another institute to start the regular training course in order to obtain a driving license, his file will be transferred to the other institute without any payment obligations.

Please note: Any customer holding an existing UAE license for any other category will not be eligible for Golden Chance. 


1.      Original Emirates ID

2.      Visa from Dubai.

3.      Eye test report (before RTA file opening). The eye test is available @ EDI main centers or RTA-approved eye test centers in Dubai.

4.      Original/Valid Driving license (Light Motor Vehicle) issued from non-exempted countries. 

Rate and Fees:

Golden Chance (Direct Theory/Road Test)



Course Fees



Enrollment - RTA File Opening




Enrolment - EDI




Instant Theory Test




Instant Road Test




Issuing Driving License




Eye Test







You may register at any branch located across Dubai; Click here to locate a branch nearest to you!

Test Details:


How to book?

Important information


Test 1: Knowledge test by RTA

1. EDI call center at 04 2631100
2. Test department staff at the main EDI centers
3. The test center will be based on the training location chosen while registration.

1. The test can be booked from 8:00 AM to 1:15 PM; Sunday to Thursday.
2. The test can be attended only at the main centers (Al Qusais or Al Quoz).


Test 2: Road test by RTA

Book through the smart screen at EDI main centers

1. Extra fee applies for an early test date and for attending the test on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday).
2. The test can be attended only at the main centers (Al Qusais or Al Quoz).



Please ensure to carry your Emirates ID, RTA learning permit and Original Driving License during RTA tests.