The Light Forklift driving license course prepares the students for the RTA Road Test and enables them to get the Dubai Driving License No. 7. Students who complete this course and pass the RTA Road Tests are licensed to drive light forklifts. The minimum age requirement for light forklift course is 20 years.

The course offers an introduction to different types of forklifts. Detailed lessons on engine and loading capacity, the different types of levers along with their controls, how to operate in different working areas and in various weather conditions, focus on how to reduce maintenance expenses, increase efficiency, reduce accidents and improve operating skills, form part of the course. Students are taught in detail about load control and how to load various kinds of materials: at which angle will the load be adjustable, etc. 

Light Forklifts criterion- Weight is less than 7 tons.

Key course content

  • Vehicle familiarization
  • Steering control
  • Loading and unloading
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Training on an uneven surface
  • Traffic signs, signals and road markings

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  1. Original Emirates ID
    Please note: Visa copy may be required if the designation mentioned in the Emirates ID is not the same as in the stamped visa. 
  2. The eye test must be completed before the RTA file opening at EDI centers or at any RTA authorized optical centers in Dubai.
  3. A valid visa issued in Dubai


Driver visa holders (excluding Taxi Company):

  1. Medical fitness report from the RTA approved medical center/hospitals.

File transfer from other institutes in Dubai/Emirates:

  1. Original RTA file from the previous school/institute (if registered before April 2017)
  2. No Objection letter /status report from previous school/institute.
  3. Theory lectures details (if attended)
  4. Valid /invalid learning permit (not applicable for other Emirates)
  5. Training Sheet (if practical training has been taken)

Mandatory documents required for applicants

  1. On personal or family-sponsored visa currently residing in Dubai:
    1. Valid passport copy & visa copy of the sponsor & applicant
    2. Original and valid Emirates ID
    3.  Valid tenancy contract (Ejari) & electricity bill from DEWA*
    4. Eye test report (After approval)
    5. Declaration letter from the school or university (if the applicant is a student in Dubai)
    6. NOC for professional help (e.g. housemaid, nanny, driver) 
      *not required in case the declaration letter is available
  2. On a company-sponsored visa:
    1. Situation 1: Company has a branch in Dubai & currently residing in Dubai:
      • Valid passport copy & visa copy of the applicant
      • Original and valid Emirates ID
      • Copy of valid trade license of the Dubai branch of the company. The company name must match the name on the trade license.
      • NOC to clearly mention that the applicant is working in the Dubai branch of the company.
      • Eye test (After approval)
    2. Situation 2: Company does not have a branch in Dubai & currently residing in Dubai:
      (e.g. Applicants on investor or partner visa from other-emirates do not have a branch & currently residing in Dubai)
      • Valid passport copy & visa copy of the sponsor & applicant
      • Original and valid Emirates ID
      • Valid tenancy contract (Ejari) & electricity bill from DEWA
      • Eye test report (After approval)
      • NOC issued by the company from other emirates if they do not have any branch in Dubai

20 hours of training (beginner)

Training Courses Regular training Friday training
Partial payment
Full payment
Partial payment
Full payment
Regular price course*
(Discount of 4 free hours included!)
RTA fees for
all courses
AED 1,230
AED 4,200 AED 3.960 AED 4,360 AED 4,100

*includes lectures and only first theory test, parking test, initial driver assessment test & road test. Additional fees apply from the second test onwards. 5% VAT & eye test fee not included.

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Register Now


•    Walk into the Al Qusais main center or branches. Click here for our locations.
•    Register Online – Click here

Regular Course

1 hour training 3 days a week ( 3 hours training )
2 hours training 3 days a week ( 6 hours training )
1 hour training 6 days a week ( 6 hours training )

3 days a week

Sat - Mon -Wed or Sun -Tue - Thurs

6 days a week

Sat - Thurs

*Regular night class from 5:20PM – 8:50PM

Friday Course
Students can take their training only on Friday. Light Forklift Training Course can be taken from EDI Head Office in Qusais and Al Quoz.

V.I.P course

The preferred training schedule of the student during working hours of E.D.I (8 hours training a week)

Training Timings

  • The training timings are from 8:30AM to 4:50 PM with timely breaks during the day.
  • We also have training Classes on Friday from 07:30am to 4:00pm with breaks in between the classes.
  • All forklifts are provided by the Institute.
  • Training provided at EDI main center in Al Qusais only.

Training Rules & Regulations:

1. Please always carry your Emirates ID & RTA learning permit while attending the practical training, lectures, and tests.

2. You are requested to report for all your practical training classes on time. You’ll be marked as “ABSENT,” should you fail to report within 10 minutes of your class starting time. Once marked “absent,” you’ll have to take the compensatory class by paying for that particular class.

3. If you wish to temporarily stop your training, you must inform your course in-charge 24 hours before your scheduled training time. If you fail to do so, you’ll be marked as absent for that day.

4. In case your instructor is absent, we will try to arrange some other instructor for that particular class.  Should we fail to provide another instructor, we will extend your training accordingly.

All students who register for Light Forklift Training Course need to take 2 theory lectures available on weekdays and Fridays. Lectures can be attended online in English, Urdu, or Arabic or at the Al Qusais main center.

Please note that all students have to bring their Emirates ID and Learning Permit for the lecture attendance.


  • Lecture 1: Familiarization Foklift - types & components of forklift (available in classroom lectures only)
  • Lecture 2: Forklift safety (available in classroom lectures only)
  • Lecture 3: Safety of operator & assessment of hazards (available in classroom lectures only)
  • Lecture 4: Traffic Sign (available in online & classroom lectures)
  • Lecture 5: Study of forklift accident (available in classroom lectures only)
  • Lecture 6 : Final (available in online & classroom lectures)

Rules of Attendance

  • Please ensure you have attended all 8 lectures before you book your theory test. Now you can also attend online lectures in English. Click here to see the user guide.
  • Click here for classroom lecture schedule
  • Joining Instructions with Terms and Conditions – click here to download
  • EDI Trainee Rights & Responsibilities – click here to download

RTA's Remote Interpretation System (RIS)

The service provides a remote instant interpretation of driving theoretical tests, conducted by RTA, to driver license applicants in different languages. The step is part of RTA's endeavors to enrich the Smart City initiative and realize its third strategic goal - People's Happiness

How RIS service can be availed?

As per RTA guidelines, students have to submit an application for appointing an interpreter in the preferred language at the time of opening RTA file and pay the applicable fees. This service cannot be added at a later stage while booking the Road Test.

Fees: An additional fee of AED 400 will be charged for availing this service apart from the regular exam fee of AED 310/-.

Remember to:

  • Obtain your RTA learners permit prior to your first driving lesson and carry it with you throughout the training period. Renew the permit once it expires.
  • Attend your first and all subsequent driving classes and tests with necessary lenses/ glasses.
  • Not be absent from classes without informing the concerned reception staff 48 hours before the class time or you will be charged for the classes.
  • Make proper payments for training and tests on time to avoid unnecessary problems/delays.


Examined by

Ways to apply


Test 1: RTA Signal Test


EDI main centers (test dept.)

  • The test can be booked from 8 am to 4:15 pm; Saturday to Thursday only at the main center (Al Qusais).
  • The test center will be based on the location chosen at the time of registration.

Test 2: Initial Driver Assessment Test


EDI call center & main centers

  • The test can be attended at the main center (Al Qusais)
  • Please arrive 30 mins earlier than the test time at the main center (Al Qusais)

Test 3: RTA Road test


EDI main centers
(Test Department)

  • The test can be attended based on the RTA availability at Al Qusais center.
  • Extra charge applies for attending the test on Saturday.
  • Please arrive 30 mins earlier than the test time at the respective training center.