Learn to master the sands of the UAE deserts!

What will I learn in the course?

  • To handle a modern 4x4 vehicle in the breathtaking deserts of Dubai
  • Basic mechanical knowledge of a 4X4 vehicle
  • The topography of the desert and possible situations during off-roading.
  • Proven techniques, hints and tips to stay safe and escape a difficult situation

Do you have different types of desert driving courses?

Yes! We offer a one-day certificate course where you can choose to go for a:

  • Complete (theory and practical training) course; highly recommended for beginners
  • Essential course; for those interested only in practical training
  • Refresher course; for additional practical training

Moreover, we also offer training for UAE desert driver’s license valid for desert safari guides only.

Who can register for these courses?

  • Any driver wishing to increase their knowledge & understanding of driving off-road.
  • 4X4 vehicle owners who wish to drive in the desert.
  • Desert safari tour guides of 25 years old and holding tourism company visa

Am I eligible for the course?

  • You must be a resident of UAE
  • You must hold any ONE license from below:
    • An original & valid 6 months UAE car driver’s license
    • An original & valid 6 months international motor car driver’s license
  • You must be 140 cm or more in height

Are there any restrictions on the course?
The course is not suitable for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Delegates having motion or travel sickness, severe back or neck problems or medical condition.

What are the important points to remember?

  • ​​Reporting location and time: EDI headquarters at Al Qusais 1 (Building 5) at 8:45 am
  • Clothing: Comfortable and loose fit clothing, closed shoes, hat/cap, and sunglasses
  • Light lunch will be provided.

What will I get in this course?
Each delegate will receive a joining pack comprising of: 

  • A desert driving course kit consisting of a comprehensive driving manual
  • A certificate of attendance
  • A prompt card to help you incase of emergency in the desert
  1. For one-day certificate course

You must hold an original and valid 6 months UAE car driver’s license OR an original and valid 6 months international car driver’s license

  1. For desert safari guides (RTA drivers license)
  • Original Emirates ID
  • Original and valid 2 years UAE car driver’s license
  • 1 passport copy and a valid Dubai visa
  • Eye test report
  • CID Letter
  • NOC issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) & employer
  • 4 photographs
  1. One day certificate course:
    1. Complete course - training & lecture (The fee may differ for Friday training)
      • at AED 800 per delegates (2 delegates in a vehicle)
      • at AED 1,500 for 1 delegates*
    2. Essential course - only training (The fee may differ for Friday training)                           
      • at AED 700 per delegates (2 delegates in a vehicle)
      • at AED 1,400 for 1 delegates*
  1. Refresher course - extra training (The fee may differ for Friday training)                        
    • at AED 700 per delegates (2 delegates in a vehicle)
    • at AED 1,400 for 1 delegates*

*Additional AED 100 for each passenger guest.

  1. For desert safari tour guide (RTA driving license)
    1. Beginner training at AED 1,685 (does not include VAT)
    2. Extra training at AED 840 (does not include VAT)

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