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EDI Road Safety

Our mission of creating safe drivers doesn’t stop with driver training but goes much beyond that.

10 years ago, we introduced a fully-integrated Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to spread the message of safe driving amongst one and all. Since then, we have visited multiple companies, schools, colleges, universities, community events, and shopping malls to create safer drivers.

We are the only driving institute in the UAE to have a sophisticated ‘Road Safety Demonstration’ exhibits and are thus, the proud pioneers of the road safety in the UAE.

Caution! : These exhibits are not suitable for those suffering from blood pressure issues, back or spine injury or in case of pregnancy

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Roll Over Car

This exhibit flips 360 degrees to provide a head-over collision simulation and explain the effectiveness of the seatbelt.

  • Hard ground surface to place these exhibits. Soft/sand/grass surface is NOT allowed.

  • Roll-over car size : 7.5mts x 2.3mts x 2.5mts

  • Electrical requirements for the car: 13am single phase 220 to 240 volts power

Caution: The exhibit revolves 360 degrees and may cause dizziness.


Seatbelt Convincer

This is a ramp which has an inbuilt car seat which moves at only 10kms/hr and explains the risks of driving without a seatbelt.

  • Size: 1.5mts x 5mts

Caution: While demonstrating the exhibit, the volunteer might feel some jerk.


Tire Thread

This demonstration educates about all the different parts of the tire, how to measure tire pressure, how to check tire pressure, what can cause a drop in tire pressure, how should we maintain correct pressure, etc


Head Restraint

This demonstration explains the importance of head restraint, meaning of Whiplash Injury and the correct way to use the head restraint in your car.


Child Seat

This exhibit educates on the type of child seats suitable for different age groups, how their placement should be and why is it important to secure the children in proper child seats.


Drunken Vision Goggles

These goggles demonstrate the effect of alcohol/substance abuse on driving. It gives a simulation of a drunken vision and how it affects the visual performance.