Winners of Daily Lucky Draws

  • Disha Bhatia

Winners of Daily Lucky Draws


Winners of ‘25th Anniversary’ Daily Lucky Draws

Emirates Driving Institute (EDI), the largest and most successful driving institute in UAE and Middle East, celebrates 25 years of successfully leading learner driver training and driver road risk reduction in the UAE and the greater GCC region.

EDI has announced a series of special promotions for 25 days. All those who register for any driving course with EDI will get 4 to 8 free driving classes and a chance to win an IPad in daily lucky draws for 25 days.

The list of lucky Draw winners till date is as follows-

20th April – Mr. Shaheed Parambat – EDI Registration number:  16741880

21st April - Ms. Annu Loharukha - EDI Registration number: 16923189

22nd April- Ms. Gehad - EDI Registration number: 16104918

23rd April - Ms. Swetha Murahari - EDI Registration number: 16165770

24th April- Mr. Abdulkhaled Hossein - EDI Registration number: 16526564

25th April- Ms. Ghada N A - EDI Registration number: 16986917

26th April- Mr. Arwind Rajeshwaran- EDI Registration number: 16231279

27th April-Ms. Rini Anup - EDI Registration number: 165382874

28th April-Ms. Virginus Uche- EDI Registration number: 16943628

29th April-Mr. Mohamed Mustafa- EDI Registration number: 16889359

30th April-Ms. Kathija Sony- EDI Registration number: 16641286

1st May-Ms. Rukhshin Aadil- EDI Registration number: 16957678

2nd May-Mr. Sikander Ali- EDI Registration number: 16455440

3rd May-Mr. Osman Shaikh- EDI Registration number: 16454520

4th May-Mr. Faraz Ahmed- EDI Registration number: 16641286

5th May-Ms. Ms. Rani Zein- EDI Registration number: 16396058

6th May-Mr. Vishnu Ram- EDI Registration number: 16112373

7th May-Ms. Jane Rachel- EDI Registration number: 16779144

8th May-Ms. Trisha Jiandani- EDI Registration number: 16117340

9th May-Ms. Rita Ktieche- EDI Registration number: 16119956

10th May- Moazzam Ali- EDI Registration number: 16779440

11th May-Mr. Abu Al Hassan- EDI Registration number: 16882633

12th May-Ms. Veena Debasish- EDI Registration number: 16315131

13th May- Shameem Koya- EDI Registration number: 16112966

14th May- Saba Mehmood- EDI Registration number: 16440637