• Disha Bhatia

We are delighted to announce that the current Call Center system has been replaced with Genesys, an advanced Contact Center solution from the #1 customer experience platform in the world!

Genesys is currently ranked # 1 on Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure worldwide. The new Genesys PureConnect system enables us to have a multi-channel contact management system (i.e. combined incoming calls and chats), a systemised internal interaction quality management tool, as well as the ability to conduct automated customer satisfaction surveys for immediate customer feedback. This will help us to have a 360 view of service delivery and enable deeper focus on quality assurance and development.

With time it is our aim to become omnichannel where all customer contact channels can be handled by the same representatives thereby making it easier for our customers to contact Emirates Driving Institute. Ultimately, Genesys will help us achieve our vision to provide enhanced services for our students more efficiently.

The Genesys system went live in February 2018 with a successful rollout, in which we were able to transition to the new platform with minimal disruptions. Following the success of the smooth and rapid Genesys implementation, we were also the proud recipient of an award by Genesys in April 2018 as the ‘Best New Customer – Breaking Silos With a Fast Deployment’.

Speaking on the achievement, Ms Elin Bin Hendi,  the Call Center Manager said, “EDI takes great pride in accepting the award by Genesys, which is currently ranked # 1 on Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure worldwide. With innovation as one of our company values, this award demonstrates our aspiration to be leaders in the market and as such we are delighted to be recognised by Genesys for the fast deployment of the latest technologies.”