Emirates Driving Institute and Continental team up for tire safety campaign

  • Disha Bhatia
  • Tyre manufacturer conducts YouGov survey to assess driver tyre safety awareness
  • Emirates Driving Institute to use educational video in new driver training
  • Continental helping keep the UAE’s roads safe in line with its Vision Zero initiative

Dubai, January 17, 2022. A worrying lack of awareness about tyre safety has been highlighted in a new survey of young UAE motorists, conducted as part of a collaboration between Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) and German tyre manufacturer, Continental. The results, which feature in an education video show that half of all respondents don’t know how to check tyre tread depth, while over half don’t check their tyres for cracks, bulges or damage.

Some of the key findings from the survey are highlighted in the video, the largest and the most successful Driving Institute in Dubai and the Middle East, as well as on EDI’s own media channels. Through its support for the campaign, Continental is once again demonstrating its status as a key player in keeping drivers safe on the UAE’s roads.

The survey produced some interesting, and worrying results indicating that drivers often take their tyres for granted and don’t make the necessary checks. Of 400 18–30-year-olds resident in the UAE surveyed, 49 percent of respondents didn’t know how to check the depth of tread on their tyres, while 35 percent were unaware of the law relating to minimum tyre tread. Over half (57 percent) said they don’t check their tyres for cracks, bulges or damage; and five percent said they simply never check their tyres at all. Many didn’t know the age of their tyres (26 percent), while a further 22 percent acknowledged they don’t know the recommended tyre pressure for their vehicle.

Only 30% of the motorists questioned actually knew how to change a tyre, but most of those indicated they would need more training. Which is why Continental, whose Vision Zero initiative targeting zero accidents and zero fatalities on the world’s roads, were so keen to collaborate with EDI on educating young drivers in this area.

Mr Amer Belhasa, Chairman – EDI Group of Companies and Vice Chairman – Belhasa Group of Companies, said of the initiative: “It’s important to educate motorists from an early age, not only about essentials of driving on the roads but also the aspects of road safety. Including vehicle inspection and tire maintenance. Periodic basic checks can save hundreds of lives from fatal accidents. Emirates Driving Institute is therefore pleased to be teaming up as a partner with Continental in promoting road safety in line with our core values.”

Since 30 years of establishment in the UAE, Emirates Driving Institute has grown into the largest and the most trusted driving institute in Dubai and the Middle East. Over half a million students have successfully acquired their driving licenses from EDI to date and advocate for safe driving on the public roads in Dubai. 

Mohammed Kalas, Continental’s Product Manager Middle East, pointed out in the video: “It’s easy to overlook your tyres but actually they’re your main point of contact between you and the road.” In the video he shares lots of tips on checking for general wear and tear of each tyre, including tread depth, looking for cracks or bulges and ensuring the pressure is correct. He goes on to show just how quickly small checks can be done and then demonstrates how to change a tyre.”