Motorcycle Platinum Riding Course

  • Disha Bhatia

Emirates Driving Institute (EDI), the largest and most successful driving institute in Dubai and the Middle East, has entered into a strategic partnership with Ducati UAE and Harley Davidson ME to offer a unique experience of learning to ride these premium bikes, after obtaining a UAE Motorcycle driver's license with EDI.

The partnership with the two world’s leading motorcycle brands was announced during the Motorcycle Platinum Riding course launch ceremony on November 11 2018, held at the EDI headquarters in Dubai.

At the launch, Mr. Amer Ahmed Belhasa, Chairman – EDI Group of Companies & Vice Chairman - Belhasa Group of Companies, said: “Our vision is to build our reputation as the leading learner and driver training organization in the Middle East and to remain at the forefront of road safety awareness. The addition of Ducati and Harley Davidson to our expanding fleet of luxury training vehicles aims to meet the growing interest of riding premium bikes in the UAE.
The customers can get hands-on training on these bikes after passing and acquiring their UAE Motorcycle driver’s license with EDI. Moreover, customers with an existing UAE Motorcycle driver’s license can register for the Refresher Course to be better-adapted with the mechanics & features of these bikes and further ensuring their safety while riding on the road.”

Key features of the new Motorcycle Platinum Riding course:

  1. A fixed price course with unlimited training and tests till pass.
  2. Motorcycle gears provided as a giveaway at the registration.
  3. Free pick and drop service
  4. Registration can be completed at the student’s location, any of the 50+ branches in Dubai, or online (

In 2017, Emirates Driving Institute launched the popular Platinum Driving Course which offers driving training in an elite fleet of cars. This course is conducted in the high-end luxury cars; Tesla, Mercedes-Benz G-Class & C class, Range Rover Sports & Vogue. The new Motorcycle Platinum Riding course is an extension to the Platinum course portfolio.