Children Road Safety


Being the leader in Driver Training industry, EDI believes that it is a key responsibility to spread awareness on safe driving in UAE. Through its structured and comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program, EDI has successfully championed the cause of Road & Driving Safety for over a decade now.

We at EDI realize that the message of safety on roads has to be propagated at every level in every possible manner to make the mission of an accident-free UAE, a reality. We believe that the best means to achieve that is to build a generation of responsible road users by catching them young.

EDI is spearheading ‘MAMA I’M HOME’, a customized & specially devised multi-media road and traffic safety initiative to educate the children on safety. These ‘Mama I m home’ sessions are conducted in schools by our experienced lecturers in a fun way to make the session interesting. The animated movie consists of 9 main elements on Road Safety like Road Signs and Signals, Zebra Crossing, Cycling and Roller Skating Safety, Usage of Pavement, School Bus queuing etc. Each of these modules is about 4 to 5 minutes long, and are multi-media enabled thus making the viewing interesting for kids.

EDI has also created special MAMA I’M HOME Kits for the children. These kits are distributed amongst children who attend the ‘Mama I m home’ session. The kit comprises a Road Safety Signs Coloring Book, a Seat Belt Safety Manual, and an Interactive DVD with games along with 'Edi the Super Car'.

Till date, over 300,000 kits have been distributed in various schools and children based events such as ‘Mother Baby & Child Show’ in which EDI is a regular participant