5 tips to avoid accidents while driving

Possible hazards can be anywhere around while driving and it is very important to be aware of what’s happening all around you. The side mirrors are helpful however are not enough to identify the blind spots.

You can only see what is in these blind spots by moving your head and quickly looking over your shoulder – this is called a head check.

Always remember to follow these 5 tips while driving:
  1. See far and wide (scanning) – See wider and farther and actively taking in the scenario and continually filtering for possible hazards.
  2. Anticipate – read the movement of other road users around and anticipate their next actions. Take note of their speed, direction, way of driving, and distance from you.
  3. Control and adjust your Speed – Slow down and cover the brake pedal, this reduces your reaction time.
  4. Be aware of yourself – Your physical and mental condition affects your driving. If you are ill or sleepy, your reactions will be slower.
  5. Stay calm – Being calm helps you stay in control of yourself. This way you are able to adjust to changing situations and not become a hazard to yourself or to others.