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Motorbike Safety Tips

We all know that riding a motorbike is fun! But don't let the joy of riding overshadow the risks.
Here are some vital tips for safety on motorbikes:

  • Mirrors: It should be clean, and must be adjusted so that you can see about half of the lane behind you and as much as possible of the lane beside you. Never make these adjustments while moving.
  • Tyres: Check that your tyres are properly inflated, and look for signs of wear and tear such as nicks, cuts and bulges, as well as worn-out tyre treads.
  • Helmet and goggles: Wear a helmet that has a visor or separate goggles. It should sit snugly without slipping, and should be fastened at the chin.
  • Clothing and gloves: Leather clothing is best for driving, but in the heat, denim jackets and long pants are more practical. Gloves and padded clothes made especially for motorcyclists are a good idea. Wear bright colours such as red, orange or yellow for maximum visibility to other motorists.
  • Footwear: Shoes that fit loosely or have laces might get trapped in the motorcycle’s controls. Heavy nylon boots are best, with hard soles and an emphasized tread pattern.
  • Skids: Skids are caused when you turn too sharply, brake too hard or accelerate too fast. Do not panic. When your rear wheel skids slightly, you can correct it by steering in the direction of the skid and gently releasing the brake.
  • Riding in poor weather: Avoid riding in bad weather. Exercise extra caution when there is rain, hail, strong winds, dust or fog.
  • Maintaining a safety cushion: Never stay beside other vehicles while riding as they may suddenly move into your lane and collide with you. Always keep your distance. Following someone closely could result in a crash. Avoid stopping abruptly and being hit from behind.
TIP : Drive in a position that does not allow other vehicles to take up the space beside you. When riding behind another vehicle, stay out of its blind spot and well behind the vehicle.