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General Faq

Can a student get a license within the registered classes?
The driving license depends upon the student's performance and the training course selected. Additional training may apply based on performance. 
Can female students be trained by male instructors?
Yes, female students younger than 21 years can be trained by male instructors with an additional fee of AED 10 for a male permit valid for a year.
I have a car driving license from my country. Can this help me?
Yes! You are eligible for 15 hours of car training compared to beginner training of 20 hours only if your valid & original driving license is issued between 2 to 5 years. Click here for the course fees of 15 hours of car training. 

Similarly, you are eligible for 10 hours of car training compared to beginner training only if your valid & original driving license is issued over 5 years. Click here for the course fees of 10 hours of car training.
How I can transfer my file from other driving institute to EDI? I have already appeared for 5 Road Tests.
You will be required to provide a clearance letter for your RTA file from the other institute and bring the file to EDI head office located in Qusais or any of the branches of EDI. You will have to go for EDI evaluation test & take 4 hours of mandatory driving sessions, as per RTA rules before you can book your road test. There will be no theory lectures required but if your theory test result has passed the expiry date, you will  have to redo the required stages after the file renewal  as per the RTA instructions.
Do I require to come myself to make the international driving license or I can send someone on my behalf?
You need to fill the application form, sign it and send anyone to apply on your behalf. You may download the form from the link. download
Is there any option for the people who require getting the Driving license on fast or urgent basis?

For fast-track driving course, you may opt for EDI's Platinum Driving Course or Gold Excellence Driving Course.

I have lost my Emirates ID Card, but I have documents from Emirated ID card office, can I apply for my driving license?
It is mandatory to have Emirates ID card to open the RTA file. 
Is it possible to take training in any other EDI branch after making registration at EDI head office?
Yes, you may register in Al Qusais (HO) and take your driving classes in any of the EDI branch in which training is provided. You may also opt for another branch later during your training at no additional cost.
Can I switch from regular classes to any other course? If so, will I have to pay more for that?
Yes, if you change from one course to another you will be required to pay AED 120 as course change fees in addition to extra amount to cover the cost difference between the two courses. If the fees of the new course is lower than the existing course the difference will be refunded to the customer. Should you wish to opt for Gold/Platinum course the above mentioned course change fees will not be applicable.
Is it possible to get extra practice sessions before the final RTA road test?
Yes, you may take extra practice sessions. You'll be required to call your course in-charge in advance to book the session. Please note your course session charges will apply per session.
I have already opened driving license file from Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters. I just want to do practice in Dubai
It’s not possible since you have a learning permit in Abu Dhabi and as per the RTA rule you cannot take driving classes in Dubai
By when do I need to pay the balance course fee? Will I be notified?
After your classes have commenced the course in-charge will then guide you as to when and how you can make the balance course fee
Can a U.S.A citizen use his driving license in UAE while on visit visa for a month?

​A person needs to have a UAE driving license to drive in UAE. In order to get a UAE driving license the person must have a residence visa. In this case please check with the RTA

Is there a rule that prohibits pregnant women from taking driving lessons in Dubai? Is there a standard form for this special permission from the doctor? If not, what must it say? That I am fit to take driving lessons?
Pregnant women can take driving lessons but they need to get special permission from the doctor. At the time of registration we will make the student sign a form stating that it is on their own risk they are taking driving lessons
If I register online, will the cost be same, or will I pay extra charges?
There will be an additional amount of 25DHS as online fee. If you register online, the minimum payment required is 600dhs to register with EDI. You can choose to pay minimum amount or any other amount to pay online
I’m an Indian with US driving license. What is the procedure to open the file?
If your US driving license is still valid then you will register as a GCC student
Is Desert driving license different from a normal license?
Yes a Desert driving license is different from a normal license. It is only used by tourism companies to take tourists to the desert
What happens if a person not having a driving license wishes to come with me during the Desert driving course?
In this case, without a UAE or International Driving license, the other person cannot attend the course.
I’m holding a UAE residence visa & already have international license do I need Affidavit from the consulate?
International license will hold no value once you have a residence visa stamped on your passport. Holding your country’s license will help in reduction of classes
I wish to transfer my training from one branch to another; do I need to pay for the transfer?
No, there are no transfer charges
Can I choose my Instructor?
Yes, but depending upon the availability of the instructor he/she will be assigned to you
If you fail the theory test, the next time you will take again is the same question you will encounter?
If you go for another test you will have a new set of questions
What if I have opened a file in other driving school but want to transfer it to EDI?
We would need the following documents and you can start your training:
  1. Passport copy (valid Dubai residence visa).
  2. 2 photographs (passport size).
  3. Original file from traffic department with valid L.P
  4. Letter from previous driving school stating number of classes already taken along with NOC.
  5. Original Emirates Identity Card (E.I.D).
If I can't attend a training class, how can I cancel it?
You need to inform your course in-charge or call EDI call center at +971 4 263 1100 least 48 hours in advance to stop the class.
If my instructor is absent, who will take my class?
Kindly approach the scheduling department in the main administration building and another instructor will be allocated if available
What if I am absent for my test?
Firstly, you will be marked as absent. Secondly, to reappear for the test you will have to make the payment again
I am going on annual leave and want to stop training?
You need to inform your course in-charge or call EDI call center at +971 4 263 1100 at least 48 hours in advance to stop the class.
If I am not happy with my instructor, how can I change it?
Kindly approach the scheduling department in the main Administration building and they will do the needful.
Why should I go and take safety hall demonstrations?
The road safety lecture is lecture no.8 and it is mandatory to take all 8 lectures as per RTA in LMV course. Moreover, the safety hall demonstrations are very useful and beneficial to understand how to keep yourself and your family safe while driving
Why should I attend 8 lectures in LMV Course?
As per RTA rule, it is mandatory to take all 8 lectures and clear theory test before proceeding with the practical training.
Why should a "beginner" attend Simulator classes?
All Beginner students are advised to take simulator classes in order to familiarize themselves with the mechanisms of a real car. It really helps you get the most out of your on-road lessons when they start. Learn to control the car at your own pace in a safe environment before your first on-road lesson. You'll get loads of feedback and we will advise you best ways to deal with tricky situations on road
I want to transfer my file from another Emirate to Dubai, what is the procedure for that?

If the training file has been transferred from another emirate to the emirate of Dubai, in accordance with the requirements specified in Article 89 of the Regulations for the Law of traffic, it is applied to one of the two following courses:

  • In case the student didn't reach till the stage of road test (final test) in the other emirate, they will have to undergo all the training and examination requirements for the requested license type contained in the training system in the emirate of Dubai, regardless of the number of training classes received.
  • In case the student has gone through all the training and examination procedures in the other emirates and failed the road test, he will be required to take theory test, parking test, assessment test, 8 practical classes and road test.


Student must undergo examination of knowledge test in the Emirate of Dubai, regardless of whether the result in the same examination in the other emirate was positive. Failing in this test will require attending all 8 lecturesbefore booking for another knowledge test appointment.

I’m a student at other driving institute? Can I transfer my file to EDI and enroll in Platinum course?
Yes, You can by getting clearance letter and RTA file from other driving institute.
What is Platinum Driving Course?
It is a LMV driving course that will be delivered in high-end luxury cars and services that can be customized to suit customer’s needs.
I’m a student at other driving institute? Can I transfer my file to EDI and enroll in Platinum course?
Yes, You can by getting clearance letter and RTA file from other driving institute.
I forgot my password. How do I recover it?
 In the event you forgot your password, follow these steps to restore it:
  1. Click on “Forgot Password?” it can be found in the “Student Login” page. Below “Need support?”
  2. “Reset Password” window will open, then fill in the required fields (Mobile number must be the registered mobile number of the registration)
  3. A notification will pop up that the password has been reset and the new password is sent VIA SMS to the registered mobile number, after receiving the SMS, click to “here” to log in the account
  4. Enter the registration number and the password received via SMS. Click on “LOG IN”.
To reset your password:
  1. Enter the registration number, Old password (will be the same received VIA SMS), New password and Captcha code.
  2. Enter new password following the tips below:
    • The password should be of exactly 8 characters
    • Add one capital letter (i.e. A)
    • Add one small letter (i.e. a)
    • Add one number (i.e. 1) 
    • Ensure to type the exact password in both ‘new’ and ‘confirm’ fields
If all requirements are filled correctly, green checkmarks will appear at the end of each requirement, then click “Save” and re-login with the newly created password.
Can I conduct the eye test at EDI?

Yes, the eye test is available at EDI's main centers.