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EDI Drives Green

At EDI, in 2009, we have initiated a drive towards a greener tomorrow. And you don’t have to do big things to make this happen! All it takes are simple day to day activities, which if done consistently can keep the world green for a long time to come. Like these easy Drive Green tips to follow when using your vehicle:

  • Service your car regularly.
  • Change engine oil, air filters, fuel filters, and spark plugs when warranted.
  • Check tyre pressure and prevent fuel wastage and chances of accidents.
  • Drive at a steady speed
  • Switch off the a/c in slow traffic and attend to a/c repairs immediately.
  • Sharpen your powers of observation, anticipation and planning.
  • Not all driving license can be transferred to a UAE license automatically so check with for full details before purchasing your new car.
  • Plan your trips to bypass congested routes and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Use your car less. Try public transport, carpooling, cycling or walking.
  • Combine few small trips together.
  • Cap the petrol tank tightly and avoid ‘topping off’ when fueling.
  • Use environment –friendly fuel. Or better, switch to a hybrid or fuel-efficient green car.

Start practicing the above today and discover how YOU can save our planet!