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Below mistakes can cause an immediate failure during your Parking Test

Parking Test – Check items

Take note & Be prepared

Below mistakes can cause an immediate failure during your Parking Test:

  Check Items   Brief Explanation
1 Position of the car outside the lot Immediate Failure Expected to be completed apprentice to park the vehicle inside the space allocated for the position, without having any part of it out specific guidelines for the position, including the side mirrors.
2 Takes more than the required time to complete the maneuvers Immediate Failure Expects the trainee completed the maneuver within the specified time, it is an Immediate Failure if finished the maneuver after the end of time even for one second




More than 5  min. immediate failure More than 3 min immediate failure More than 2 min. immediate failure
3 Strike kerb / hit the pole   Immediate Failure A-      Rise of the vehicle wheel on the sidewalk during exercise
B-       Any part of the vehicle parts, Strike Kerb / hit the pole causing the pole to move from the position or falling  
4 Roll back by 30 cm or more or unable to move on the second attempt Immediate Failure A-      Returned back by more than 30 cm B-       Extinguished the vehicle's engine is no longer able to Move
5 Takes more than 60 seconds to move off Immediate Failure It considered a Immediate Failure if required the start of the hill more than 60 seconds
6 Incorrect technique during emergency brake Immediate Failure It expects from the trainee to implementation the emergency braking maneuver using the correct technique to stand. The following behaviors are considered incorrect techniques. 1.       Pressure on the clutch before the brake 2.       Pressure on the clutch and brake at the same time 3.       Steering wheel Note: using mirrors is not required
7 Unable to stop within stipulated distance or releases one or both hand from steering wheel. Immediate Failure Speed is between 20 and 40 km / h. It expects the trainee quick reaction to examiner’s signal (hit above the dashboard or say the word stop) To do calculates the approximate distance to stop quickly compared to the vehicle, the adoption of the following method
Braking distance Speed
3 20 km / H
6 30 km / H
11 40 km / H