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Car Driving License Course

Light Motor Vehicle - Driving Courses | How to get Light Motor Vehicle driving license

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Registration for car driving license at EDI is a simple process! Our courteous staff will assist you in the entire registration process. You may get your eye test done in any of 3 EDI’s training and testing centre located in Al Qusais, Al Quoz and Port Rashid.

EDI, using a combination of classroom training, detailed printed manuals and multimedia courseware, vehicle simulators, offers a range of training schedules for you to choose from based on your flexibility and convenience.

click here to download your car driving license journey!

1. Students who do not possess any driving license are considered as "Beginner" and thus have to register for 20 hours to get UAE driving license. Students possessing their country's license, which is 2 – 5 years old have to take 15 hours session. Those students whose driving license is more than 5 years old will have to take 10 hours session.

2. Students can opt to register for either Automatic or Manual gear transmission for their car driving license. However, please note that Automatic license holders are not allowed to drive a Manual gear vehicle.

3. A pre-evaluation test for 15 hours session and 10 hours session registered students to evaluate their driving experience.

4. People who possess a valid GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) driving license must attend 2 theory lectures, attend RTA Knowledge test and the road test under the Direct Test course.

5. Driver Skill Refresher Course: If you are holding a valid UAE driving license and need a confidence boost & practice, you can apply for this course. It includes 4 hours of practical training sessions. You can take 2 hours of minimum sessions also.

6. Simulator Training: All students registered for 20 hours sessions will have to attend 1 session of Simulator prior to starting their training hours.

7. Solo Training: This is mandatory for 20 hours sessions course and is optional for 15-hour session & 20-hour session.

8. People who have a valid UAE Driving license from any emirate other than Dubai need to get their driving file transferred from that emirate to Dubai RTA before opening a file for any other vehicle category.

9. People who have any traffic fine in their name will not be able to open a file until the fine is cleared.

10. People who have opened any driving file before with other institutes should transfer their file. For more information please call 04-2631100.

11. Pilots and Cabin Crews of only 'Emirates Airlines' & 'FlyDubai' with their valid country license can directly appear for Theory Test & Road test. Those who do not have any country license will have to register for 20-hour session. Pilots & Cabin crews of other Airlines will register as regular students for 20/15/10 hour sessions under the Flying Crew Course.

12. People having nationality and driving license of the listed 41 countries can directly transfer their license by walking into any RTA office with necessary documents & fee.

Exempted countries are:
GCC Countries: Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar

European Countries: Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherland, Italy, Britain, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Luxemberg, Portugal, Romania, Finland, Serbia, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary.

North American Countries: Canada (only Quebec province), USA

East Asian Countries: South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Singapore, China

African Countries: South Africa


  1. Original Emirates ID
    Please note: Visa copy may be required if the designation mentioned in the Emirates ID is not the same as in the stamped visa. Emirates / FlyDubai cabin crew must provide visa copy if the profession is different in Emirates ID.
  2. Eye test must be completed before RTA file opening. It can be done at any of EDI’s 3 main centres (Al Qusais/Al Quoz/Port Rashid) or at any RTA authorized optical centres in Dubai.
  3. No Objection letter required only if profession is not mentioned in the RTA exempted list of professions
  1. if Employed: No Objection letter must be printed on the company letterhead with the company stamp & signature of the designated authority
  2. If Unemployed/Personal employed sponsor: No Objection letter from the sponsor must be submitted on a white paper with the signature.

Please note: No Objection letter must be addressed to RTA, Dubai stating issue date, student name, passport no., selected vehicle category & gear transmission (automatic/manual). The No Objection letter is valid for only 6 months from the issue date unless the validity is mentioned by the sponsor.

*For UAE/GCC nationals, No Objection letter is not required even if the customer is below 21 years.

  1. Valid original home country driving license of the same category (if any): License must be legally translated only from Dubai if not printed in English/Arabic. The license must be attested from the home country embassy/consulate if in handwritten and/or in book format.

Female customers wanting to take training by the male instructor:

  1. Copy of RTA learning permit
  2. No Objection letter signed by the sponsor (father/husband). For UAE nationals/company visa holders, No Objection letter to be signed by self.
  3. Copy of Emirates ID

Driver visa holders (excluding Taxi Company):

  1. Medical fitness report from the RTA approved medical centre/hospitals.

File transfer from other institutes in Dubai/Emirates:

  1. Original RTA file from the previous school/institute (if registered before April 2017)
  2. No Objection letter /status report from previous school/institute.
  3. Theory lectures details (if attended)
  4. Valid /invalid learning permit (not applicable for other Emirates)
  5. Training Sheet (if practical training has been taken)

Customer holding partner visa:

  1. Copy of valid trade license.

Customers working in Dubai holding visa from other Emirate:

  1. Copy of trade license in Dubai
  2. Copy of trade license in other Emirate (name must be same as in Dubai trade license)
  3. No Objection letter from Dubai office stating the customer is employed & working in their Dubai office. (No Objection letter must be printed on company’s letterhead with company stamp and signature of designated authority).

Marsom / Bedouin (who do not have Emirates ID):

  1. Marsom letter

People of Determination:

  1. Original medical report from Rashid Hospital
  2. Sanad Card from CDA if available (optional)

Pregnant women:

  1. No Objection letter signed by husband
  2. ‘Fit to Drive’ Certificate from the consulting doctor

Total Course Fees (in AED)

Training Hours






20 hours

M - 6,285
A - 6,485

M - 6,485
A - 6,685




15 hours

M - 5,585
A - 5,735

M - 5,735
A - 5,885




10 hours

M - 4,985
A - 5,085

M - 5,085
A - 5,185




                                                                      Please Note: M-Manual; A-Automatic

Special Offer:
1. If a student registers for 20 hours LMV (car) course category, they can get 4 Free hours and additional 2 free hours on making full payment at the time of registration.
2. If a student registers for 15 hours LMV (car), they can get 3 Free hours and additional 2 free hours on making full payment at the time of registration.
3. If a student registers for 10 hours LMV (car) course category they can get 2 Free hours and additional 2 free hours on making full payment at the time of registration.

Total Cost after Discount (VAT Excluded)

Training Hours Weekday Night Weekend Shift Gold
20 hours M- 5,565;
A- 5,705
M- 5,705;
A- 5,845
M/A - 6,545 M/A -
M/A -
15 hours M- 4,985
A- 5,085
M- 5,085;
A- 5,185
M/A - 5,685 M/A - 5,885 M/A - 10,965
10 hours M-4,505;
A- 4,565
M- 4,565;
A- 4,625
M/A - 4,925 M/A - 5,045 M/A - 8,325

                                                                                        Please Note: M-Manual; A-Automatic

Fees break - up (In AED):




EDI Admission Fees 575 575
RTA File Opening, Learning
Permit & RTA Book
510 510
Lecture Fees 1,000 1,300
RTA Theory Test/SignalTest/Knowledge Test 310 390
Simulator Training(only for 20 hours session course) 100 100
Pre-Evaluation Test (only for 15 and 10 hours course) 100 100
RTA Parking Test 310 390
Solo Training (only for 20 hours session course) 100 100
Assessment Test 250 250
RTA Road Test 310 390
License Issue 420 460
*Training Extension Service Fee (Upon Road Test Fail) 150 150
*Theory Test Preparation Fee (Upon Theory Test Fail) 50 50

                                                                   *Incidental Charge

Kindly note:   

1. Additional 5% VAT is applicable at the time of payment.

2. RTA fees subject to change

3. An additional charge of AED 320 is applicable in case of preponing any RTA test.

LMV Short Courses:

Direct Test Course (for GCC license holders only): AED 2,775 (File Opening + All Tests)*

Flying Crew Course: (valid for home country license holders only): AED 2,525 (File Opening+All Tests)*

*Customers can take optional practical training before parking or road test, rate as per the course selected will be applicable.

You may register at any EDI brnach located across Dubai.

Click here to locate nearest EDI branch;

Click here to register via EDI's website

Car Driving License course

Students can choose from various training course options after they register with Emirates Driving Institute

Click here to view student roadmap to get LMV Driving License

Regular Course

2 Days every week
(2 hours of training)


3 Days every week
(1 hour of training)

Saturday & Tuesday
Sunday & Wednesday
Monday & Thursday


Sat - Mon - Wed
Sun - Tue - Thurs

D Course

Students can take classes on alternative days during weekdays- 2 hours for each day

Shift Duty Course
Students can choose to take their training as per their choice during training hours by coordinating with their instructor or by calling their respective training locations in the following way

  • 4 hours of training
  • 6 hours of training
  • 8 hours of training

Friday Course
Students can take their training only on Friday (2 hours of training)

Timings are : 7.30am , 9.40am, 2.00pm

Weekend Course

Students can also take a Friday and Saturday class which is the weekend course.

Timings are (Friday) 7:30AM, 9:40AM, 2:00PM 

(Saturday) 8:30AM, 10:30AM, 12:30PM

Night Course - Timing options are 8:00PM – 11:00PM

Gold Driving Course
Students can take their training on any day at any time as per their preference. They are eligible for 4 hours of training (with a break in between). Gold Driving Course training classes can be taken from EDI Head office in Al Qusais, Al Qouz and Port Rashid.

Training Timings

  • The training timings are from 08:30am to 05:30pm with a break from 2:30pm to 3:30pm
  • Students start at 8:30am and their classes can be scheduled as per their preferences.
  • All vehicles are provided by the institute

Training Rules & Regulations:

1. Please always carry your RTA learners’ permit, MDT card and RTA handbook while attending the practical training, lectures and tests.

2. You are requested to report for all your practical training classes on time. You’ll be marked as “ABSENT,” should you fail to report within 10 minutes of your class starting time. Once marked “absent,” you’ll have to take the compensatory class by paying for that particular class.

3. If you wish to temporary stop your training, you must inform your course in-charge 24 hours before your scheduled training time. If you fail to do so, you’ll be marked as absent for that day.

4. In case you’re instructor is absent, we will try to arrange some other instructor for that particular class.  Should we fail to provide another instructor, we will extend your training accordingly.

5. You must use the MDT card for timely login & logout of your training. Please insert the training card in your training vehicle as soon as your training begins and take it out once the training is over.

Lecture Details

All students who register for 20/15/10 hours must attend 8 theory lectures. These lectures are conducted on weekdays as well as Fridays. Lectures are offered in different languages such as English, Hindi/Urdu and Arabic at the Al Qusais, Al Quoz and Port Rashid centres.

NOTE: The students must bring the EDI student ID,  RTA handbook and RTA Learning Permit to attend the lectures.

  • Lecture 1 : Attitude and Responsibilities
  • Lecture 2 : Traffic signs
  • Lecture 3: Managing Risks
  • Lecture 4 : Driver Condition
  • Lecture 5 : Driving Environment
  • Lecture 6 : Rules of Road
  • Lecture 7 : Hazard and Emergencies
  • Lecture 8: Safety Demonstration

Rules of Attendance

  • Please ensure you have attended all 8 lectures  before you book your theory test. Now you can also take all 8 lectures in English, Arabic and Urdu via e-Lectures (online lecture). Click here to see the user guide.
  • Joining Instructions with Terms and Conditions – click here to download
  • EDI Trainee Rights & Responsibilities – click here to download
  • EDI lecture schedule - click here to download

RTA's Remote Interpretation System (RIS)

The service provides remote instant interpretation of driving theoretical tests, conducted by RTA, to driver license applicants for as many as 195 different languages. Click here to view list of available languages

The step is part of RTA's endeavours to enrich the Smart City initiative and realise its third strategic goal - People's Happiness

How to use the RIS service?

- As per RTA guidelines, students have to submit an application for appointing an interpreter in the preferred language at the time of opening RTA file and pay the applicable fees.

- This service cannot be added at a later stage while booking the Road Test.


An additional fee of AED 420/- will be charged for availing this service apart from the regular exam fee of AED 310/-.

Remember to:

  • Obtain your RTA learners permit prior to your first driving lesson and carry it with you throughout the training period. Renew the permit once it expires.
  • Attend your first and all subsequent driving classes and tests with necessary lenses/ glasses.
  • Not be absent from classes without informing the concerned reception staff 48 hours before the class time or you will be charged for the classes.
  • Make proper payments for training and tests on time to avoid unnecessary problems/delays.

Test Details

(Theory test, parking test, assessment test and RTA Road test)



Take by


RTA Knowledge Test / Theory Test Qusais ,  Al Quoz & Port Rashid RTA
  • After attending all the lectures

RTA Parking Test (5 internal tests) - After passing Knowledge test

Qusais , Al Quoz & Port Rashid RTA
  • For Beginner students registered for 20 hour classes; after 10 hours
  • For Students registered for 15 hour classes; After 6 hours
  • For Students registered for 10 hour classes; After 4 hours
Assessment Test Qusais , Al Quoz & Port Rashid EDI
  • For Beginner students registered for 20 hours; After 18th hour (Female) and after 16th hour (Male)
  • For Students registered for 15 hours; After 14th hour (Female) and after 13th hour (Male)
  • For Students registered for 10 hours; After 9th hour (Female) and after 8th hour (Male)

RTA Road Test

Qusais , Al Quoz & Port Rashid RTA
  • On completing the registered number of classes and above tests.

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