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Check out what our new customers think about Emirates Driving Institute and our staff.

I would very much like to thank the customer service supervisor Edna and Mr.Nizar these people helped me alot with the problem i was having.i had so many instructors but i consider Sir Mr Inam khan to be the best of the best people there is he boost your confidence like no other his patience and helping nature is so over the top i had 12 classes with him i made same mistake three time in the matter of 15 min but still he remain calm and helped , other instructors males or female loose their patience sooner or later .I salute and respect sir Inam khan for his teachings. Mr.Somar thank you Mr.Mark thank you Mr.Alvin thank you Madam stella suraz thank you . i passed the RTA road test in first attempt Alhumdulliha.Always remember it doesnt matter if you are first or second or third to drive we are taught everything from parking to drive to park again. instructors examiner they are doing their job you have to do your always relax and think of the people sitting at the back and examiner as any of your family member their saftey comes first sooner or later you will drive on your own so drive cautiously but accordingly. Always do the pre drive check always no matter you are first second or last . Sir Krish from customer service Thank you Thank you Thank you. Best of luck to everyone drive safe always. .

Muna Abdullah

EDI's student

From the beginning till end , from theory class to driving all the lectures were the best .. they actually teach with passion.. any doubts they explain well.. all the staff were very friendly and helpful..and special thanks to my instructor Mr.Imtiaz for building my confidence in driving and motivating me every single time.. thanks to the entire team, I am glad I joined EDI. Thank you all.. .

Ann Ashley

EDI's student

One of the best decission that I had ever taken in my life was to join EDI. People over there, the ambience...all were exceptionally good...The instructor that I got, Cresselda mam, was a gem of a person. I was not even able to have control over the car in the beginning. But she motivated me, kept me going and now I have the liscence in my hand. My dream came is all because of my instructor... Thanks to her...and thank you to EDI... Thumbs up...5 stars for EDI... .

Keerthi Sreerosh

EDI's student

EDI is a landmark in UAE as Best driving institution.  Ambitions is based on quality services and clients satisfaction.  Ms fatima, Ms Edna and Mr shabaz (IC-Brach) are key members. supportive, gentle and problem solving, Appreciable efforts they provide. My advice to newcomers will be communicate with EDI staff if you have any concerns as it will be sorted out. Best of Luck to EDI and all the students.. .

Kashif Khail

EDI's student

Thank you EDI for addressing my concerns, maybe I was just emotional for not passing my road test. But after talking to your customer service and other people concern, I realize that everything is on me... your immediate respond is highly appreciated and I felt valued. My perception has change towards EDI, this is why your the best institute your not just giving high quality education but because you listen to your customers. Keep it up ang more power. .

Rommel Malubag

EDI's student

I'd share my personal bitter sweet experience here with Edi. Booking: I booked a shift course and it allows you to take classes 8 hours instead of 6 and classes at the time n day of your choice instead of prescheduled by the institute as in regular. Also, per class is 105 aed instead of 65! Once paid and booked, at the time of classes they told me that a temporary officer booked you who doesn't know that this particular branch can't offer shift hence we can only give you classes 3 days (6 hrs and at xyz time). My response? NO! I have paid for a shift, either you bring me to regular n charge me a regular class or give me the benefits of a shift course. They apologized and reasoned alot but i stood my ground because I wasn't asking for a special treatment i was only asking for my right. And with persistence we both reached a solution that i agree on fixed time 8.30 am everyday if they give me the 4 days as promised and they managed to do it. Lectures: Coming to lectures, my instructor Mr Liaqat at port Rashid br was v good. Very helpful and i used to look forward to taking my classes. Tests: i passed all my tests in the first attempts. Theory, all parkings, internal assessment and Rta final road test. I had a 40 classes course n after theory test took me precisely 20 days to complete all my lectures starting 26th march n clearing final road test 17th april. Sitting and driving next to examiners is very tough but confidence takes you miles! Examiners: i am seeing people bashing examiners but they are not fools. They don't fail you or intimidate you for no reason in my experience. While driving i could see what mistakes my fellow drivers n myself were making n one could guess that who will pass n who won't so I wouldn't state my experience as a bad one. They actually only intervene when you are driving unsafe (too fast or too slow for the road) n not otherwise Institute overall: very modern, great facilities, easy registration. Once my branch people learnt that I won't give up in my right, they fully cooperated n made sure i get the classes i want and wished me luck before and made congratulatory calls after each of my tests. I will surely be recommending it. .

Zainab Butt

EDI's student

I got my driving license on 2nd attempt..rta examiners are very good even in my 1st attempt it was my silly mistake and she said she will see me driving experience with edi was good.but my only concern is you be helpful to your students as i was failed so many times in internal assessment and my concern only was help from examiner and instructor which they did.bushra maam my instructor a very good instructor and even internal examiners used to help and give us points and tips. Overall a good experience but it gets too expensive in end.i would request that it is mentioned that if you fail you again have to pay this amount. Thanks so much. Overall the training given at edi is better than other institutes. .

Tabassum Abdul Wahid Qureshi

EDI's student

Thanks EDI I got my Driving license today morning second attamp in al qusias and 2014 i got also bike license first attempt Emirates Driving Institute in al qouz my session was amazing and learn how to drive on UAE roads to safety and serve as a responsible resident . Guided lectures theories and practical advice on how to get lucky with driving skills was amazing . Planned out sessions made me confident that I got my UAE license..big thanks to my instructor mr manzoor and muhammad faisal sultan mehmood they are great instructor.thank you so much for your gudaince and proper guidance big thanks to them. .

Dorjee Sherpa

EDI's student

Having been posted this message to heartily express my special thanks to the BEST Instructress of EDI Ms. JULIANA! Its not good to compare but I can't control myself to do so! Several times I requested to change my instructor and I even opt to pull out my form. Luckily through the help of Ms. Edna, Ms Juliana became my new trainer and she is absolutely amazing! She taught me very well and imparted essential skills and techniques to meet the RTA examiner's standards . With what I learned from her, I successfully got my license today March 28, 2017. What made me very happy with the result of my assessment was, i didn't commit any fault at all. This happened only because of the sufficient and comprehensive training I got from Ms. Juliana! Again thank you very much Ms. Juliana! Keep up the good work! Likewise thank you to Ms. Edna for being so helpful and considerate! .

Allan Cariaga

EDI's student

Am sharing my experience with EDI Dubai (Mina Rashed Branch),i had the VIP courses last month and I got successfully the driving licenses, I really enjoyed it, the staff of EDI are all organized and really supporting the customers, they work like a family,they have a great Managers and Trainers and drivers,I register a Big thanks to: Mr.Hossam,Mr.Motaz,Mr.Abdul Kareem,and all the great staff that I forgot their names,I really advise anyone wants to go to do UAE driving licenses is to go to this company and this branch (Mina Rashed Branch) and I wish a good luck .

Eyad Aref Ateiah

EDI's student

We are very happy with the service that EDI has provided us thus far and we value our working relationship fostered through the years. Thank you for considering our thoughts/views on your service. We look forward to continually working with you in meeting the training requirements of our employees. .

Ivy Regina Sagudo

Training Consultant, Dubai Petroleum

We are very much happy with the services provided by Emirates Driving Institute for getting our employees trained on Defensive Driving Skills. Their staff is very cordial and always prompt to assist us in scheduling the trainings. Best wishes to Emirates Driving Institute. .

Sasi Kumar

Asst. HR Manager, Al Gurg Smollan - UAE

Choosing Emirates Driving Institute was the best decision I have ever made, One of the most amazing driving institutes, very professional team, the most patient and qualified instructors.. I would like to thank Abdul Munsef for his assistant and his follow up, instructors: Abdurahman, Noor, Mohammad & Sayed.. Highly recommended! .

Zeina Dalgomouni

EDI Student

Lovely experience! The instructor was very caring and all you need to do is listen to them! Cleared in 1st attempt .

Jahid Hassan

EDI Student

Thank you very much!!! Really happy, and all rumors regarding fails ruined. Service excellent, instructors are the best!!! Good luck to everyone and lets drive safely!!!! Thank EDI and Belhasa Group!!! .

Asinum Avolimak

EDI Student

I am glad I joined EDI for my training. Thanks to EDI I got my license in first attempt. .

Anupam Varma

EDI Student

They have unique training facilities like simulators, solo training yard & so on.. .

Haroon Syed

EDI Student

The facility & training materials are superb. .

Rajesh Kumar

EDI Student

I joined EDI because all my family members have taken their license here and highly recommended this diving school. .

Fatima Abdulla

EDI Student

I got it in my first attempt. Can't express how much relieved I am than happy. Of course because of EDI. Great moment indeed! EDI is highly recommended to all new students . Professionalism at its best .

Vinod Sankaranarayanan

EDI Student

Choosing EDI was the best decision I've made in learning how to drive. My instructor, Miss Daisy, is a patient and incredible teacher. I'm so grateful for her guidance in making me a confident and safe driver .

Maya Haidar

EDI Student

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